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Animated Video Production

"We're here to offer you animated video production services, combining creativity and technology to create visual content that tells your stories and presents your ideas uniquely and engagingly."

What Sets Us Apart:

Our Animated Video Production services stand out with the following:

Animated videos are a professional partner that adds value and creativity to your marketing efforts!

  • We will assist you in designing a professional motion graphics video that achieves your goals, regardless of your field, with over a decade of expertise in this distinctive field.
  • Our production process is organized and meticulous. We begin by crafting the scenario, then selecting sound effects and adjusting audio using the latest technologies, recording in a studio equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Finally, animation comes into play to breathe life into the video.
  • We rely on the latest animation production software like (MAYA PRO - 3D Max - Adobe After Effects) to ensure delivering a distinctive and captivating video that captures the audience's attention and achieves the remarkable results you aim for."
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Why Should You Use Animated Videos?

  • According to statistics, 65% of people learn or are influenced by visual content, with animated graphics accounting for 90% of the information received and processed in our minds. Based on these facts, animated videos emerge as an effective method to impact your target audience.
  • Market studies also reveal that individuals are nearly twice as likely to increase their spending on websites and platforms featuring video content. At Injaz Media, we are always up-to-date with the latest studies and research to ensure we better cater to your distribution needs and provide you with a marketing service rooted in reliable scientific foundations.

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